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I am so grateful to the many men, women, infants and children who have entrusted me with their care. I invite my clients to review my work and to provide feedback that may improve the care I provide. 

Here's What My Clients Have to Say

At first I wondered if hiring Tina was the best use of my money and now not only do I consider her the best money I've ever spent, we don't know what we would have done without her. ~ Alex



Tina is a fantastic doula who works with you to figure out what you need and want. On top of that, she is kind, funny, charming, witty and just plain awesome! ~ Cass



My neck/back pain was so bad I could hardly move at all.Tina eliminated my pain in almost one cranial sacral session. A few more small sessions over the next few days and I had full movement of my neck and back with no pain and I haven't had an episode since! I highly recommend Tina; not only does she work wonders with her amazing skills but she has a gentle nature and calming way about her. ~ Deborah



Tina was compassionate and understanding throughout my difficult pregnancy and challenging birthing experience, taking time to truly understand me and my journey to motherhood. She took care of all of me - Mind, Body and Spirit. ~ Jennifer



Tina was our savior with our twin baby boys! She isincredibly knowledgeable, kind, caring and supportive. She taught us all the 'tricks' of caring for twins and I cannot recommend her enough. We will always cherish her wonderfully positive spirit and presence in our home during such an intense and emotional time. ~ Maureen



As new parents of triplets, one of which had Down syndrome, we appreciated Tina's experience, flexibility, support and ability to anticipate our special needs before we could. Additionally, her ability to adapt to our ever-changing needs over the years, has been particularly helpful. I can't say enough about Tina and what she has meant to our family. We don't know what we would have done without her. ~ Sheila & David



To sum Tina up in one word: Vital. She helped both my husband and I process exactly what we wanted for our birth, simultaneously acting as counselor, sounding board, comedian, massage/craniosacral therapist, liaison and more. She gave me the freedom to focus just on laboring. ~ Morgan



When my migraine headaches transitioned from intermittent to frequent, I consulted with Tina before trying daily medication and I am so glad I did. I quickly saw a rapid reduction in the both the frequency and intensity of the migraines. Tina's therapy sessions are gentle and relaxing, with appropriate care and attention paid to my comfort and health concerns. Tina is a gifted professional and I would highly recommend her.~  Sheila

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